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Earth Month Tip: Eat more plants

One full week until #EarthDay... can you commit to plastic-free and plant-based until then?
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Earth Month Tip: Drink more tequila

If you didn’t know, @patron goes out of their way at Hacienda Patrón in Atotonilco, Mexico to make sure they’re getting people lit in the most sustainable ways possible.
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#captioninterview: Imogen Barneaud, founder of The Ocean Rider's Podcast

Imogen Barneaud (Imi for friends), 44, has already lived 100 lives—and lived in just as many places. The host of @theoceanriderspodcast and CEO of @k_freelance (a website- and content-creating business, in which Imi also translates copy from French to English for outlets like @immersionsurfmag) has bopped around the world—from the UK to Bali and France. Along the way, she’s picked up, dropped, then picked up (again) a deep love for surfing.
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#captioninterview: Ann Kim, founder of La Bamba NYC

Ann Kim, 32, launched @LaBambaNYC in December 2018 with a dream (make eco-friendly wetsuits for women) and a full-time job (freelance Strategy Director in advertising & branding). If you’re in need of a success story, we can confirm: Ann’s a legend at crushing multiple things at once. 👑
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Earth Month Tip: Shave smarter

Happy #earthmonth all! We’re celebrating by posting daily tips to help you live a more sustainable, plastic-free, and ocean-friendly lifestyle. Starting with: How you start your day.
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4 ways to celebrate #EarthHour

#EarthHour is this Saturday night from 8:30-9:30pm wherever you are.

All you’ve gotta do to join in and show your support for this gorgeous planet we’re chilling on is turn off all the lights for one full hour.
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