“Through the Storm” documentary screening with Waves For Water and Otto Flores

What a week, filled with highs and lows. In New York, we stopped the Williams Pipeline, proving that all 45,000 voices who petitioned this disastrous idea were HEARD. 💪🏼

But in Alabama, the harshest legislation against women and our rights over ourselves and OUR OWN bodies was passed by 25 white, old, certifiably inept dudes—proving that our fight for equality is being set back by actual DECADES.

The takeaway from both of these events became clear to us last night. We attended a screening for the @wavesforwater documentary “Through the Storm”, featuring @ottoint, at @patagoniabowery. The message of the film and post-screening Q&A: Every drop of water counts; every effort to help—no matter how small it may feel—makes a difference.

So we’ll keep fighting. It’s that simple. And we know we’ve got strength in numbers, because we’ve got you, too. 🙏

📷: @the_perfect_wave

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