Thanks for 6 Months of Chillin' With Aprés Surf!

“You forgot your own birthday, didn’t you, Après?”

Ok, to be fair, it was only our half-birthday, but yes, if we’re counting, we turned 6 months on January 28. 🎊🎂

We’re still super small, but the plans we have in store are most definitely not. And we owe a HUGE thank you to all of you for following, engaging, sharing your stories, and supporting us with endless good vibes. 💙

It’s not easy to manage a passion project when you’re also working a demanding full-time job and trying to squeeze every ounce out of traveling, spending time with friends and fam, unplugging... (We know many of you already know this because you do it too). But we LOVE doing this, and believe wholeheartedly in the women and environmental causes we’re championing for.

So thank you, and cheers to the next 6 months! We’re stoked you’re here for the ride.

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