Sustainable kitchen tips

Kitchen goals: Make it simple, clean, and sustainable... Oh what, you thought #earthmonth was over? Nah, girl. We still got a few more days left.

When you’re spring cleaning your cabinets (as you do), don’t replace the plastic things with newer plastic things. Instead, make these #earthfriendly swaps:

• glass containers for plastic ones
• metal straws for plastic ones
• beeswrap for plastic wrap
• Stasher reusable bags for ziplocs
• cloth and mesh shopping bags for plastic ones (including produce bags)
• cloth dish towels for paper towels
• biodegradable sponges for dyed ones

Most importantly, try to buy in bulk to cut down on packaging, and look into composting your food scraps, which reduces the amount of methane gas released by your garbage. ♻️

See? Simple, clean, sustainable. Easy!

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