Surf Recess Event Series: Longboarding 101 Workshop

We learned a ton about longboarding on Saturday afternoon, thanks to legendary Malibu longboarder, @carlafina of @thesurfinstitute.

The Longboarding 101 Workshop was hosted by @labambanyc as the last event in their Surf Recess series. In two hours, Carla covered everything from how to bottom turn to cross-stepping, stalling, dropping a knee, kicking out, and our fave: putting those toes on the nose. 👣

One thing Carla said that really resonated with us: There’s a lot of noise out there about what is and isn’t considered “true” logging. But if you’re not out there to compete—you’re just out in the water looking to have fun—do whatever feels right for you. Master the basics to earn your spot in the lineup, sure, but then make your style yours... and ignore the noise.✌🏽

So, who’s ready to practice their moves this summer in Rockaway, Long Beach, Montauk, or NJ? Hit us up! 🏄🏼‍♀️

📷: @apres_surf_co
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