So, We Just Marched to Protect Hoboken, NJ's Waterfront

This past Saturday we marched for a good cause. A large portion of the waterfront of Hoboken, NJ is at risk of becoming a diesel depot/refueling station for the many ferries and boats that cruise along the Hudson River.

This move would not only further pollute the waters—threatening what existing marine life remains around NYC—but it would also take out the sliver of waterfront that many locals use for paddle boarding, kayaking, and fishing. 🚣‍♀️🎣

So, we marched. We marched to #tellgovernormurphy to ditch the diesel depot, and instead, turn that space into a public park. Trust, there are plenty of well-off Hobokenites who’d be willing to chip in if it meant preserving their waterfront, adding another park, sparing the remaining marine life—and saving one of the greatest views in the world. 🗽

📷: @apres_surf_co

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