Scientists Confirm the Earth Just Had It's 4th Hottest Year on Record

Fourth hottest year on record. If you’re a couple or a business, that’s the best news ever. 🔥 But if you’re Earth—and it’s @nasa and the @noaa who’s running the numbers for ya—that’s not a good look.

Last week, scientists confirmed that the past 5 years have been the warmest streak since 1880 (the first year they started collecting global temp data). And yep, increased carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions are to blame.

What’s also on the rise, though? More Americans FINALLY believe #climatechange is real. Two new surveys from @yale & @georgemasonu and the @apnews & @uchicago found that:

• 73% of Americans accept that climate change is happening  (up from 63% in 2015 👏🏼)
• 62% understand that it’s mostly human-caused
• 25% would be willing to pay as much as $40 a month to fight climate change; over a half would pay $1 💸
• Almost half support a carbon tax ♻️
• Only 14% believe it’s too late to do something to stop it 🙏

Now, this is a trend we like to see! Time to start using your buying and voting power to end this hot streak for good. 🌍

📷: @folkindonesia
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