Greta Thunberg Is Our Climate-Change-Fighting Spirit Animal

This 👏🏼 girl 👏🏼

By now, you’ve heard of @gretathunberg, the Swedish teen whose passionate speech about #climatechange at #Davos 4 days ago scared the billionaire-pants off of the world’s rich and powerful.

At 16-years old, Thunberg is using her voice in incredibly powerful and impactful ways—inspiring young people in her country (and others) to rally for their futures on this planet.

At her age, we were making “Do Not Litter” signs on wood and staking them in front of the natural jungle gym next door to our house (aka, an area of woods that had large, fun rocks to climb). We also organized roadside cleanups in our town with our school friends. Small, but mighty.

With Greta, though, there’s absolutely nothing small about what she’s doing... whatsoever. You go, girl. 🙌🏻💪🏼👌🏻♻️🌍
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