Earth Month Tip: Make your shower more eco-friendly

“Take shorter showers,” they say, as if that’s easy to do when you’re standing in the hot, relaxing stream with eyes still half-closed... or having your best ideas in that four-walled porcelain sanctuary (like we do). 🚿🌿😊

But it’s true: If every person in the US cut our average shower time by one minute, we’d save 165 billion gallons of water (plus the energy used to prepare it for usage) every year, says the @epagov.

So, you can either clock yourself to get in and out faster, or if you consider rinse-off time as “me time,” invest in a low-flow shower head. It douses you with 2.5 gallons-per-minute as opposed to the standard 5 of traditional shower heads. (Translation: Your 10-minute shower will use 25 gallons instead of 50.) 💦

There are tons of low-flow shower heads on Amazon (some with filters for #hairgoals, too), and they’re easy to DIY install.

No excuses, wash like an eco-champion.

📷: @villanabali
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