#captioninterview: Imogen Barneaud, founder of The Ocean Rider's Podcast

Imogen Barneaud (Imi for friends), 44, has already lived 100 lives—and lived in just as many places. The host of @theoceanriderspodcast and CEO of @k_freelance (a website- and content-creating business, in which Imi also translates copy from French to English for outlets like @immersionsurfmag) has bopped around the world—from the UK to Bali and France. Along the way, she’s picked up, dropped, then picked up (again) a deep love for surfing.

“I caught my first wave ever in Maui, Hawaii when I was 17. I was blown away by the exhilaration, the sheer thrill of surfing, and, of course, its values,” Imi says.

Now, the mom of two is broadcasting that passion in weekly conversations on @theoceanriderspodcast with creatives, entrepreneurs, thinkers, and dreamers who also happen to be surfers. “We discuss our shared love of surfing and how it shapes career choices and business decisions,” she says.

Here, Imi takes the mic once more to answer the Après Surf #captioninterview:

Cambridge, UK; Aix en Provence, France; Canggu, Bali; and now, St Cyr sur Mer, France

Fave Surf Spot:
Oooooh, that’s a difficult one. I guess it would be a combination of Le Petit Port des Lecques (my home spot) to be with all my friends and the gentle waves, and Little Bingin (Jelenga beach, Sumbawa) for the entertainment of watching all the little fish swim under my board whilst waiting for the next glassy wave.

Feel Like a Beach Babe In:
My @theseea "The Lido” one piece, some @surfyogis sun cream, and a longboard balancing on my hips.

Frothing For Après Surf:
If I could, I’d teleport myself Les Lecques to rehydrate at the Olala Café with a Perrier or a fresh juice and have a glass of rosé with my mates at Le Sporting beach restaurant; Then, I’d sip a Bintang at @scarreefresort in Sumbawa at sunset, and eat a plate of Korean Fried Broccoli at The Slow @the.slow in Canggu, Bali.

Give Love to the Oceans By:
Interviewing game-changing oceanriders in my podcast, and contributing 1% of my company's sales to @1percentftp.

Good-Vibes-for-Life Motto:
You know what you know, you know what you don’t know, but you don’t know what you don’t know.

📷: @theoceanriderspodcast

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