#captioninterview: Brianna Ortega, founder of Sea Together Magazine

We have a sisterly appreciation for Brianna Ortega, the 26-year-old founder of Sea Together Magazine (@sea.together.mag), because in so many ways, she’s just like us.

She’s channeled her profesh background as an environmental educator, socially engaged artist, and MFA Candidate into starting one hella beautiful print publication that’s uniting the women’s surf community. And the mag is already causing a ripple effect. “Sea Together has connected me to so many sea sisters across the world,” says Brianna. “I prayed for years to have surf girl friends, and now I can finally say that I’ve been inspired, encouraged by, and learned from so many women in the past year.”

To that end, @sea.together.mag is even hosting a surf wellness retreat in Hawai'i on March 25-31 to bring the tribe together (get more deets at their link in bio).

Here, we’re stoked to publish Brianna’s Après Surf #captioninterview.

Oceanside, CA & Honolulu, HI

Fave Beach/Surf Spot:
Anywhere where there’s open land, trees, clear air—this sometimes means a place that requires you to wear booties, gloves, and a hood.

Feel Like a Beach Babe In:
I’ve never owned makeup, but I like @manda sunscreen a lot for protecting my face from the sun and the ocean from toxic sunscreen.

Frothing For Après Surf:
I’m obsessed with @honeymamas and was fortunate enough to have them sponsor our last @sea.together.mag surf meetup in California last December! 😀

Give Love to the Oceans By:
My job as an environmental educator on the Oregon coast has taught me the value of hands-on education on the frontlines of public beaches and state/federal-protected marine gardens. Teaching environmental issues or sea ecology to a curious and grateful kid or adult who hasn’t had the opportunity to live by the ocean or seriously learn about it fills my heart.

Good-Vibes-for-Life Motto:
Be yourself and know that you don't have to fit into any boxes; break down walls, challenge what the world says to be true. And solo dancing anywhere and everywhere is a cure-all.

📷: 1: @mackerelphotography; 2: @rgoldphotos; 3, 4, 5: @tyfeague; 6: @jenniferyih

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