#captioninterview: Ann Kim, founder of La Bamba NYC

Ann Kim, 32, launched @LaBambaNYC in December 2018 with a dream (make eco-friendly wetsuits for women) and a full-time job (freelance Strategy Director in advertising & branding). If you’re in need of a success story, we can confirm: Ann’s a legend at crushing multiple things at once. 👑

With La Bamba NYC, Ann has designed separate-piece wetsuits that help tough chicks navigate tougher swells, hence the brand’s hashtag: #citygirlssurf. Some of these women have been featured on La Bamba’s impressive blog; Others, perhaps you’ve met at one of the brand’s recent Surf Recess events.

Here, Ann shares how she got so good at doing everything well (even longboarding) in our #captioninterview:

Los Angeles

Fave Beach/Surf Spot:
I have great surfing memories at County Line, but I had the chance to surf Rincon last year, and it was so special. It's such a beautiful little pocket of California that has this really special energy.

Feel Like a Beach Babe In:
My favorite things to wear en route to surf are simple and well worn, like a solid pair of Levi's cut-off shorts, a cotton t-shirt or tank, or worn-in, loose, cotton overalls. When it comes to @labambanyc, I'm partial to a good cheeky paired with a long sleeve top, like our Women on the Verge suit.

Frothing For Après Surf:
I've lived in New York for 8 years, but I still love a good post-surf burrito or taco. When I'm back from traveling, I default to staples like Marlow & Sons, Diner, or Walter Foods. I recently went to this little Japanese spot called Suzume...and it was the shit.

Give Love to the Oceans By:
La Bamba wetsuits are made from eco-friendly Yamamoto limestone neoprene, a sustainable resource that results in a garment that's more durable, warmer, and lighter than petroleum-based neoprene. Our wetsuits are also zipper-less, so we're plastic-free.

Good-Vibes-for-Life Motto:
I do love the @subliming.jpg instagram account. There's a good one on there that says: "Old fear cannot see new things.” I try to remember that any time I'm confronted with a situation where I need to stay present or rewire how I think.

📷: @labambanyc; @tommypierucki; @craftcollectivehawaii; @maximilian_brunett

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