Beach Bar Review: The Waterfront in Venice Beach, CA

The Waterfront in Venice Beach, California is a place where having too many options is an awesome thing.

You can take your pick between their outdoor boardwalk seating, indoor bar, back patio, lounge, something called “The Shed,” or beer garden.

If you choose the first two, expect to be serenaded by a Boardwalk band ripping on the electric guitar playing ‘80s grunge music.

If you choose the back patio or lounge, expect to chow down on their grilled mahi mahi fish tacos (with the yummiest avocado crema sauce).

If you choose the beer garden, expect to fight for your spot on the shuffleboard or ping pong tables.

Basically, whichever move you make, prepare for a good time in “always sunny” Cali, just a few tipsy steps away from the beach.

The Waterfront
205 Ocean Front Walk,
Venice, CA 90291

📷: @apres_surf_co

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