Beach Bar and Restaurant Dreams Come True in New "Appetizer" Coffee Table Book

"Hey ya, so boss? Know you want me to come in today and do that whole ‘work’ thing, but I’ve got big plans to book a bunch of travel for the rest of the year... you know, #priorities.”

Ah, the dream. In reality, you can fulfill that wanderlust by getting lost in Appetizer: New Interiors for Restaurants and Cafes by Gestalten. From coffee shops that immerse you deep into the jungle to chic bars that feel like wave-worshipping oases, the stunning, Insta-worry hot spots in this coffee table book are located all over the world (Japan, Greece, Spain, Canada...). But this way, you can get a taste of ‘em without having to leave your couch.

But seriously, you need to go to work. It’s past 10 AM and you are laughably late. And those flights won’t pay for themselves.

📷: @apres_surf_co
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