#captioninterview: Jun Lee, Founder of Eir NYC

Once you learn more about Jun Lee, you won’t want to mess with her. And once you learn more about her totally natural and sustainable skincare line Eir NYC (pronounced “air”), you won’t want to mess with any other option.

The 40-year-old surfer and former Muy Thai fighter (yeah, 👊🏼) founded @eirnyc after banging up her shoulder while surfing in Bali. She figured out a way to make topical pain management—as well as beauty, sun protection, and even deodorant—eco-conscious by only using the power of natural ingredients, herbs, and essential oils.

Now, everyone from @naomiwatts to @kellyslater is a fan of her reef-safe, biodegradable products. (In fact, we can almost hear all of Montauk chanting “Surf Mud, Surf Mud...”)

Here, @jun_leenyc masters the Après Surf #captioninterview like she has everything else in life: with heart.

Brooklyn, NY

Fave Beach/Surf Spot:
San Onofre Beach in SoCal. I love the waves and the old-school California vibes.

Feel Like a Beach Babe In:
In my @sweetparadiseclub one-piece suit, @eirnyc Surf Mud tanning oil with cocoa and zinc SPF, @paredeyewear sunnies; sun-kissed and happy.

Frothing For Après Surf:
I love the Taco Stand in Encinitas after surf. And on the East Coast, sunset dinner at @thedockmontauk in Montauk. Also, I love getting acai bowls from @happybowls in Montauk and smoothies from @natgoodmtk.

Give Love to the Oceans By:
Beach clean-ups, creating a biodegradable sunstick with SPF 50 called Surf Mud Pro. All the ingredients and its packaging are completely biodegradable to avoid plastic waste that ends up in our beloved oceans.

Good-Vibes-for-Life Motto:
Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon.

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