#captioninterview: Alexa Liccardi, Patagonia NYC Marketing Coordinator & Ocean Photographer

Alexa Liccardi

Alexa Liccardi. Pop into any @patagonia in the city and you’ll hear her name. As the brand’s NYC marketing coordinator, the 25-year-old photographer is a beautiful force in the city girl surf scene.

“Ever since my journey at Patagonia started in summer 2018, I've been embraced by the most kind, adventurous, and altruistic souls, and I couldn't be more grateful,” says Lex, who planned the #WomenInSurf panel at @patagoniabowery in August. “There are so many killer women doing things in the surf industry, it’s important to lift each other up and bring everyone together to celebrate our accomplishments.”

In our #captioninterview, @alexaliccardi_ gets deep about the fateful events that have made her who she is today:

Alexa Liccardi feet photo

Peapack, New Jersey.

Favorite beach:
Lavallette, NJ! It's my home beach with a lot of memories, a beautiful boardwalk, and a surf break right on my family's block. As far as a surf beach, I had an unreal time surfing Ditch Plains this summer and am looking to get back out there ASAP!

Alexa Liccardi camera

Feel like a beach babe in:
Birdwells 403s & an old pair of Rainbows (thick strap, duhhhh).

Frothing for Après Surf:
A cold brew and sausage, egg, cheese & avo breakfast wrap!
Alexa Liccardi fence photo

Give love to the oceans by:
My photography, I’d like to think! About a year and a half ago, I got really sick, lost all my hair, and a lot of things changed for me. It was a really vulnerable and scary time. One of the biggest challenges was feeling like my freedom to swim, surf, and lay in the sand were taken away. The only way I could still enjoy them was going to the beach when no one was there, so I started waking up every day at 5am and beelining straight there. I'd walk, swim in the ocean, lie in the sand, watch the sunrise and take pictures with my favorite camera, a Nikonos V. This routine became sacred to me.
Eventually, my health and freedom came back. But the ocean, capturing it, swimming in it, and watching its constant energy had become my religion. I started to use my pictures as a platform to showcase its beauty, its ability to heal, and its inability to judge.
Alexa Liccardi ocean photography
Taking pictures was never about the outcome, it was always about the experience. It was about love for the most vast and expansive thing on our planet. After everything the ocean had given me, I felt that this was the least I could do to share my love for it, thank it, and send it back.

My hope is that these pictures go beyond a glance on Instagram or a feature in a magazine—that they strike a chord of policy makers, beach goers, and the average person to inspire them to do more, be better, minimize their footprint, and never take this planet for granted.
Alexa Liccardi truck photo

Good-vibes-for-life motto:
Keep it simple! Always do your best.
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